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Welcome to ASHS

ASHS is a cooperative of small and medium sized businesses, supplying Scottish hardwood and premium softwood timber products to the UK market place (if you are interested in buying timber, please see our list of members). It also hosts an associate membership consisting of oak framers, tree surgeons, architects, furniture makers, farmers, land owners and other industries involved to some degree or another within the Scottish Timber industry.

welcome comp 2Through the ASHS website, you can access on-line information about Scotland's native hardwood trees and timber as well as information on the products and services that ASHS members supply. You will also be able to download technical notes to assist in specification and be able to locate your local sawmill and supplier of Scottish hardwoods and quality softwoods. Link up with other people who appreciate and are inspired by Scotland's native hardwoods and support the creation of new woodlands as well as the sustainable and productive management of Scotland's existing forest resource.

It is our objective to encourage all sectors to work together from woodland creation through to final specification. By so doing we can encourage interest in growing and managing broadleaf woodlands which have a very high biodiversity value providing landscape amenity and wonderful places for walking and recreation. It reduces the reliance on imports and associated energy costs and adds value to a local natural resource which is retained in the local economy. It will also provide jobs in wood processing, furniture making and forestry. As a cooperative the ASHS group work together to offer support and regular training events to our members. You can keep up to date with events on the ASHS Facebook page and read about the various sectors and news within the industry in the ASHS by annual journal The Full Circle which is written by our members and is free as part of our membership package.


What ASHS Offer

ASHS was formed to facilitate the promotion of Scottish hardwood to the Scottish market.

woodpile-compEducation  Typically, most people are not aware that Scotland produces hardwood of quality and character, which is suitable for use in building, furniture making and in the craft sector. Lack of knowledge about Scottish hardwood is a significant obstacle: it means that Scottish hardwood is often not specified in appropriate situations and customers buying, for example, items of furniture are not aware that furniture is even made from locally grown wood. ASHS aims to educate the public about Scottish hardwood, both through this website and through attendance at shows, fairs and other events.

Market Development  ASHS is a trade organisation, and it also aims to develop the market for Scottish hardwood more directly. In this website, buyers can easily find their local supplier and easily send an enquiry to the whole group. Market development is also being undertaken by the ASHS co-ordinator.

Training  ASHS is a co-operative organisation, which also aims to help its members acquire new skills and refresh existing knowledge through its training events and programs.

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Membership is open to all small suppliers of Scottish hardwoods and to those who are directly involved in the trade. Click here for membership information, or please contact the ASHS Co-ordinator.

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