Oak  Frames  and  Oak  Beams  from  ASHS

ASHS members supply oak and other construction timber for buildings. Most ASHS sawmills cut and supply Scottish green oak for construction of post and beam designs. They also cut beams, joists, and purlins for other timber frame buildings. Available timbers include hardwoods, e.g., oak, elm, and sycamore, as well as durable softwoods such as Douglas fir and European larch. Some ASHS members supply pre-fabricated roof trusses; others will undertake building of complete oak frame houses, conservatories and or cruck houses.

Most ASHS members can supply not only joists and purlins (in some cases roof trusses), but also sarking boards and exterior cladding for a complete timber house or building.

Other structural timbers can be supplied, for example European larch for boat building and oak for heavy engineering projects such as lock gates.

GalGael Boat Build

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