ASHS Video Knowledge Base

The Making of a Floor

This 5-minute video takes you through the steps in processing timber from log to finished floorboards at the Abbey Timber sawmill near Duns in the Scottish Borders. This video was made by Freda O'Byrne for ASHS with funding from Scottish Forestry.


Scottish Forestry Grading Video

This film seeks to demystify the process by which hardwood trees are graded and valued, with particular reference to oak. It also touches on the important elements of measuring and marketing hardwood timber in Scotland. It is aimed at foresters, woodland owners and sawmillers new to the topic or who wish a refresher of the key issues. This video was produced by Scottish Forestry.


ASHS Guide to Scottish Timber Cladding

A guide on what to expect from Scottish timber cladding and an overview of recommended wood types, installation practices, and techniques to ensure the best results in protective timber cladding.


ASHS Guide to Bandsaw Blade Maintenance

A detailed guide on correct sharpening and setting of your bandsaw blades, to ensure that you achieve 'nice flat boarding'. Relevant for both softwood and hardwood milling.


ASHS Guide to the Best Practice for Processing Scottish Grown Sycamore

This guide looks at the benefits and uses of sycamore timber and goes through the specific processing, storing and drying requirements needed to get the best result from your sycamore logs.


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