Royal Scottish Forestry Society is focussed on Exploring (around 20 visits each year to woods and forests);  Learning (highly-regarded, full-colour journal, delivered free to members, combines rigorous academic thinking with general topics close to forest-lovers’ hearts); Sharing (about forestry topics old and new —benefitting both the environment and the economy).

MyForest is a free service for woodland owners, forestry businesses and wood users. Use online tools for sustainable woodland management planning and the marketing of home-grown forest products.

Woodland Heritage  is a unique initiative, which unites all tree people – a vehicle for wood users (and consumers) to "put something back" and contribute to the proper management of British Trees. Woodland Heritage was founded by a group of traditi

Green Building Press  publish green building information in many mediums to help you to design and build sustainable, healthy and ecological homes offices and factories.

Centre for Wood Science and Technology is an independent research unit within Edinburgh's Napier University focussing on education, research, consultancy and knowledge transfer in the constructional and engineering uses of timber.

Arcamedia  produces a range of published material about the use of timber in architecture and the built environment.

The Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA)  provides information ((through the website, an extensive collection of printed materials and training courses) and research on the specification and use of timber and wood products.

BRE—Building Research Establishmant  is a group of research, consultancy, training, testing and certification organisations delivering sustainability and innovation across the built environment and beyond.


Robin Baker Architects  Robin Baker worked under the name of Gaia Architects Aberfeldy from 1996 to 2004 and then Gaia Birnam until October 2008 when he started trading as Robin Baker Architects, yet still retaining the same ecological ethos in design and a genuine interest

Sally Ruel Architect  is based in Heriot in the Scottish Borders, just south of Edinburgh.

Quercus Rural Building Design   is located in the Scottish Borders just south of Edinburgh and offers an Architect led design and build, or design only service, for a range of buildings in the Rural Sector.

Gaia Group  comprises three companies who share an approach to ecological design at all scales of the built environment from materials through systems, buildings and landscape to urban design and town and country planning.

Locate Architects  set up in January 2004 by Chris Morgan, offers a range of services but specialises in sustainable development and ecological design.

Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA)  was set up to promote the ecological design of communities, environments, projects, systems, services, materials and products for architects, artists, builders, planners, students, ecologists, landscape designers, materials suppliers...


Scottish Furniture Makers Association  Furniture makers in Scotland have formed an association to help increase public awareness of what they do and where to find them. In this, our new site we have created a gallery of our members various pieces together with contact information...

Scottish Working Woods  Scottish Working Woods runs a label scheme which guarantees products made from woodland materials which benefit the environment and local Scottish communites.


Scottish Enterprise  supports business growth and development in Scotland.

Scottish Forestry  The government department responsible for the protection and expansion of Britain's forests and woodlands.

Forestry and Land Scotland manages Scotland's national forest estate.

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