ASHS Membership


What does ASHS do?

ASHS is a Cooperative (more precisely an Industrial and Provident Society), which means that all members get the same amount of shares (100 x £1 shares). This means that all members own the company equally. The shares can't be bought and sold—so no-one can accumulate shares and take over the company. When a member leaves ASHS, their shares are dissolved but their value is kept by ASHS and not refunded. Full members get a share certificate after their application has been formally approved.

ASHS was set up to represent, coordinate and help the small-scale homegrown hardwood sawmills of Scotland.

ASHS markets Scottish hardwoods through, for example:

• this highly successful website
• displays at important events and shows
• articles and advertising in key publications
• leaflets and other publications

ASHS provides training for its members, for instance:
• cladding
• log grading and valuing
• Health and safety
• visits to other mills
• visits to hardwood industries in other countries

ASHS represents the sector:
• to the Forestry Commission
• to the Scottish Parliament
• in links with other groups
• to other forestry organisations

ASHS also helps its members to keep up to date with relevant developments, to get to know others in the industry and to share knowledge with them.

What does ASHS cost?

Full members buy a (non-refundable) share in the company when they join (currently £100) and pay an annual subscription starting in the second year.

Associate members pay £40 annual subscription starting in the first year (no shares).

Retired members pay £20 annual subscription starting in the first year.

How do I join?

Click JOIN ASHS. You can then simply fill in the appropriate online membership application form and click submit.

You will be required to register a direct debit mandate with GoCardless in order to pay your annual subscription.
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